Reflective snap wrist bands for quality high-viz  campaigns
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Reflective snap wrist bands

sport relief personalized snap wristbands for comic relief event

Slap your message on these spring-loaded snap wrist band reflectives. They coil round wrists or ankles for personal road safety

They also go down well at social venues and club events!

Our seal of approval:

Quality  high vis snap wrist band reflectives for promotion and road safety

After all, we are dealing with personal road safety and lives are at stake!


Hi-viz snap wristbands for promotion with a real mission


Make a good impression in your own community with high visibility snap wrist bands.

Locally or on the national stage!



Fun races are ideal for campaigning using personalized snap wristband hi-viz reflectives


Choose the # 1 promotional gift item of the decade and be associated with stuff that matters in every community.



Advertising during the race - Road safety and advertising after the race with hi-viz snap wristbands!


Here you too can come out a winner!



  • Product launch? Don't keep it to yourselves!

  • Company anniversary to celebrate? Publish it with a high-viz promotional campaign.

  • Hosting a hospitality event or a fund-raiser?

  • Halloween, St.Patrick's day or themed event?




Customized Glozone snap wrist bands for when promotion matters

High visibility reflective snap wrist bands for your promotion and event

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Races and Events

Original Glozone snap wrist bands for high performance high-viz


If you're in the market for high-vis snap wristband reflectives for a promotional gift solution, then we're on the same page!



Run for life with Glozone reflective snap wrist bands

Make your mark with sponsored events, fun-runs or even marathons


Events and hospitality organizers as well as advertising agencies and marketing professionals come here for their reflective snap wrist band requirements (spring-loaded wristbands) for high visibility promotion.

Get yours too right here!

As they are, or personalized, or even totally customized!

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snap wrist band reflectors for fund raisers or awareness campaigns


Fund-raisers with vision and awareness campaigns with lasting impressions!


Personal road safety is very big now - probably bigger than ever before! It touches all of us and is gaining national and global recognition as a topical fight to get into.

This makes high-viz the Number 1 choice for promotional gift, so join in this fight now and show them all that you too associate with the reduction of tragic road traffic deaths and accidents, whilst not missing out on the promotional vehicle of choice.


Say it with high-viz!

Say it with personalized Glozone™ high visibility snap wrist bands

Quality personalized Glozone™ high visibility snap wrist bands


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