Reflective high viz wrist slap bracelets for quality campaigns
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Hi-viz slap wrap bracelets

road safety  campaign gifts fit for purpose

Personalize our spring-loaded high viz wrist slap bracelet reflectives with your message printed on.

They coil round wrists or ankles for personal high visibility road safety.



"Yours are the best slap wrap wristbands"


Wrist slap wrap bracelet reflectives are a big hit at social and sports venues, trendy bars and night clubs alike!

Advertise your message in a meaningful way that stands out from others.

Benefiting personal high visibility road safety - While very effectively promoting your brand and message!

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Quality high vis wrist slap reflectives for promotion and road safety

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High visibility reflective promotional wrist slap bracelets for lasting campaign benefits

  • A product launch? Make it highly visible with hi-viz promotional reflective gifts!

  • Company anniversary to celebrate? Don't keep it to yourselves!

  • Hosting a hospitality event or a fund-raiser? Hi-viz it!

  • Halloween, St.Patrick's day or other themed event? Make full use of these events for your promotion!
































































High-vis reflective slap bracelets personalized for your promotion event:

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Custom printed high-vis reflective slap wrap wristbands

If you're in the market for reflective high viz wrist slap bracelets for a promotional gift solution, then we're on the same page!


Please view our slide-show below showing the many options available:


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Glozone™ slap wraps are available in two primary models:

Standard Model (31x320mm) - The all-rounder for children and grown-ups alike.

XL Winter-length Model (31x380mm) - Our option for grown-ups in wintercoats.

Glozone™ slap wraps are available in two reflective colours:

Fluorescent Lime (day glow yellow)
Traditional White (silver-white)

IMPORTANT: They are the only two reflective colours on the market that live up the all-important Safety Standard CE EN 13356 - Any other reflective colour simply does not reflect brightly enough and are unfit for personal road safety!
(Note: Do not confuse retro-reflectivity with fluorescence)


Internal printing: CMYK colours (full digital graphics)

So we can expand on our reflective colour choice, we offer internal printing of any background colour of your choosing behind our White reflective film. This alters the colour of the slap wrap accordingly, due to the translucent qualities characteristic of the White reflective film (Fluorescent Lime reflective film puts a yellowy tinge to all internal print and is not recommended).

Your branding may be internally printed in full colour (four colour) or externally on an internally back-print-coloured reflector.

External printing: Serigraphy / Screen printing (solid colours only)

We also offer conventional silk-screen printing on the surface of the slap wraps.

Note: Alternatives are illustrated in the product slide-show above.



Please note we need Vectorized digital graphics.

Preferred formats:

EPS/AI file:
"Convert all/any text/fonts in your graphic to Curves/Outlines" and save as an EPS file or AI file (Adobe CS4 or earlier).
PDF file:
Text/fonts "Converted to Curves/Outlines" and saved as "Ungrouped editable pdf".
CDR file:
Corel Draw (Version 12 or earlier).
WMF - Windows Meta File:
As is.


On our Standard Model slap wrap (31mm x 320mm):
As a guide we state 26mm x 312mm as the printable area.

On our XL Model slap wrap (31mm x 380mm):
As a guide we state 26mm x 372mm as the printable area.


"Thank you, our campaign has been a great success"


While reflective slap wraps in general may vary a little in looks and feel, as well as by name, then more importantly they can vary considerably in quality, from brilliant high-vis accessories for personal road safety, to fun toys simply unfit for this purpose. The latter can place human lives at risk!

Ours are authentic Glozone™ high-viz reflective slap wrap wristbands, at the life-saving-quality end of the market spectrum.


Glozone~Noir™ reflective snap wrist bands > Show yourself!

(As featured in our Newsletter)

Glozone Noir black  wristbands for personal road safety - Seriously!

Fully compliant and reflective (CE EN 13356) for personal road safety. These dark, Glozone~Noir™ slap wrist bracelets are so novel they will really keep your campaign in the limelight! That's positively different!

  • They blend in with the darker colours of winter clothing
  • Personalized for campaigns in your business community
  • Or plain for a charitable handout
  • They look less obvious and not like road safety high-vis
  • Logos and print look very striking on the black reflective

"Fantastic, thank you very much"

Glozone quality slap wraps in Sport relief livery

Sport Relief printed wrist slapwrap bracelets for Comic Relief

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Commemorative Queen Elizabeth 2nd's 90th birthday slap wraps


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Say it with Glozone™ reflective high viz slap wrap wrist bracelets

Original Glozone wrist slap bracelet reflectives  Pure enlightenment


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