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Hi-vis slap wrap bracelets

See personalised hi-vis reflective slap wrap bracelets

Events planners and hospitality organizers as well as advertising agencies come here for their reflective slap wrap bracelets (spring-loaded hi-viz wristbands) for high impact, high visibility promotion.


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personalized slap wrap bracelet high vis for your UK  promotional eventFor hospitality events


Quality Safety Standard CE EN 13356 compliant and certified promotional gifts for saving lives on roads.

  • A launch? Party high-vis with a splash!

  • Company anniversary to mark and celebrate? Don't keep it to yourselves!

  • Hosting a hospitality event or a fund-raiser?

  • Promote your brand on promotional reflective accessories fit for personal road safety.


Printed high visibility slap wrap reflectives for your promotional event

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Glozone™ quality high-vis reflective slap wrap bracelets:

  • Just as they come
  • Personalized for your organisation
  • Fully customized for your own campaign requirements

We bring you the revered Glozone™ brand of loose reflective accessories for personal road safety. They are marked CE EN 13356 guaranteeing compliance with the essential Safety Standard and are certified accordingly.

Offering full in-house printing facilities, we not only manufacture these to the highest quality standards, we also brand these spring-loaded high-visibility bracelets your way! They slap and wrap round wrists or ankles emblazoned with your details while saving lifes in on roads.

If you're in the market for personalized hi-vis slap wrap bracelets as a promotional gift solution, then you're in the right place!

For UK's # 1 favourite specialists in personalized quality high visibility reflectives: Better high-vis products at better prices!

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custom made hi-viz for music festivals or concerts


Promote or sponsor music festivals & tours, and social & sports events


Promote with high vis slap wrap bracelets at your sponsored sports tournament

Visionary fund raising and awareness campaigns with lasting impressions.



Personal road safety touches all of our lives and is gaining national and global recognition as a serious plight for conscientious organisations to get involved in.

The important thing is to choose the Safety Standard compliant kind and not jeopardise people's lives with cost-saving sub-standard reflectors.

Make your mark in your community with our custom printed slap wraps for children, students and commuters alike - whether pedestrians or cyclists.

For cycling, safer roads, cleaner air and healthier lives campaigns, our Glozone™ reflectors are chosen up and down the country by commerce and industry; by charity organisations, embassies and marketing agencies.

So join in this plight now and show them all that you too associate with the reduction of tragic road traffic deaths and accidents.

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